Our weekly activities.

Always check our diary if a meeting is happening before you come!  To be certain email us at cicleparents@gmail.com or join up!

All members get current updates by email (weather depending cancellations etc….)

  • Tuesdays:  05:40 four to five training rounds of Regents Park (outer circle) before the kids awake.  Meeting Regents Park, Gloucester Gate
  • Wednesdays (bi-monthly): 05:40 Slower Riders Regents Park Rounds
  • Thursdays (bi-monthly): Kids ride (age 4-8) , meeting 16.30 after school usually Regent’s Park (check agenda or email us)
  • Fridays: Hill Training,  early morning usually  3-10 times Swains Lane or combination Swain’s Lane with Regents Park.  meeting 06:00  Corner of Swain’s Lane / Highgate West Hill.  Check Agenda or email us to know which session is on.
  • Saturday or Sundays:  Long Out-of-London Rides.  Epping, Brighton, Box Hill, Surrey Hills…
  • Monthly:  Family rides / Family Meet ups (meet riding parent at fun end destinations like Brighton, or Southend or similar).

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